Opening Act: The Man Who Wasn’t There

TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. – Here’s a riddle: If 15,000 members of the media are in town to cover an event, and the event gets cancelled, did the event ever happen?* The official Republican National Convention is scrapped for Monday, due to a hurricane that threatened to swamp the city’s kludge of a transporation infrastructure. Literally nothing else has been canceled, so I’ll be up and around all day.

How slow is the news down here? We’re on day three of the “what will Ron Paul delegates do????” story.

Byron York talks to Michael Steele, who initially approved the Tampa convention, and who is now completely on the outs with Republicans.

In addition to the party’s electoral victories, the sometimes gaffe-prone Steele also left the RNC with a huge debt, and a number of Republican insiders accuse him of leaving the party in a terrible mess.  “That’s a bunch of bulls–t,” says Steele.  Other chairmen have also left debt, he says, and other members of the RNC concurred in the expenses that led to the Steele-era debt.  “It’s just annoying as hell,” Steele says of the talk.  “You get a little sick of the bulls–t after a while.”

You can forget how big a star Steele was just four years ago. It was Steele, a former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, who coined the chant “drill, baby, drill,” at a prime time RNC speech. For a former Maryland LG!

Romney leads Obama on the question of who you “trust to handle Medicare.” The Ryan plan itself remains unpopular. But those OBAMA CUT $712 BILLION FROM MEDICARE ads ain’t for nothing.

And a guide to the worst Rob Liefeld drawings continues.

*Question badly paraphrased from Alec McGillis.