Opening Act: Rafalca

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The closing arguments in the voter ID hearings are today; I’ll have a lot more about them later. But I’m not fooling myself and thinking there are as many eyes on this as there are eyes on Rafalca Romney.

To paraphrase Tom Bevan, if you need three articles to make your argument, maybe it’s not a fantastic argument.

Mitt Romney’s tax plans would raise rates on “middle class” families, but this seems, at least in part, traceable to the unsustainable stimulus tax cuts of the early Obama years.

A good 2007 Forbes piece about Chick-fil-A’s religious culture – which runs very deep. We’re talking “kids raised at homes funded by the chain going on to work for the chain.”

Related: I was being a bit sarcastic when I tweeted a John Rocker column about Chick-fil-A’s endangered speech. But not everyone thought I was joking.