Opening Act: Human Life Amendment

James Hohmann reports on the RNC’s platform negotiations, a sort-of-buzzy tradition that affects almost no one… unless some negative coverage can be born from it.

Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly, a delegate from Missouri, is proud that there’s been no serious push to expand abortion rights in the platform for several years.

The 2012 draft includes support for a Human Life amendment — which would give constitutional protections to the unborn — just as the past three did. “It’s not a controversy anymore,” Schlafly said. “We’ve won that battle.”

Andy Kaczynski notices that Fox News wasn’t paying as much attention to Akin as… well, as anyone else in the world.

James Fallows pulverises Niall Ferguson’s dopey Newsweek cover story, which Ferguson has defended by lying outright about sources. Among the oh-come-on moments:

“Remarkably the president polls relatively strongly on national security.” 

Remarkably the name Osama bin Laden does not appear in this article.

John Stanton possibly overrates how much attention people are paying to bumbling House Republicans.

And Todd Akin is very sorry.