Opening Act: Gay Icon

Eliza Gray writes on the burgeoning gay martyr status of Bradley Manning.

“To gay people who have faced the kind of hyper-masculine bullying that [Manning] endured in the military,” says Larry Goldsmith, an historian and gay activist, the “details of his case … were recognizable as the experiences of many gay people at schools, at work, and in sports.” Manning’s gay supporters believe in gay activism that connects the mistreatment of gays, the plight of poor people, and the injustices of war.

David Dayen has more about the real changes Ryan would make to Medicare, for the precious Current Retirees.

Phil Klein says that the Todd Akin pile-on represents new conservative realism.

I love the genre of factless “Ron Paul can win!” columns, and Laura Trice is its John Updike.

Ron Paul has more passionate support from his supporters due to Ron Paul’s character and dedication to serving America and Americans based on our founding principles embodied in our Constitution. Money, media manipulation and bullying can’t buy this type of support. But, Romney and his lawyers couldn’t let Ron Paul keep 5-plus wins?

Paul’s “five-plus wins” are actually post-primary conquests at party conventions. He lost the straw poll vote in Minnesota, for example – his supporters powered out a convention win there after Rick Santorum dropped out.