Oh MoveOn, You So Crazy

This is a real 30-second ad that MoveOn really made.

The commercial felt familiar to me. I figured out why: MoveOn has become obsessed with animal hijinks insofar as they can be weaponized to hurt Mitt Romney. From a July 6 announcement about Koch-shaming protests at a Romney fundraiser:

MoveOn will also fly a 99airlines banner that reads “Romney has a Koch problem” and drive the Romneymobile Cadillac, with corporate decals onthe side and Seamus the dog on top, outside Romney’s exclusive $50,000-a-head dinner at the Koch estate.

From a June 15 announcement about MoveOn’s “road show” that would trail Romney:

All along his swing state bus tour, Romney will be met by the MoveOn Road Show which includes the Romneymobile – a Cadillac driven by 1%ers with NASCAR-style decals of Romney’s largest corporate sponsors and a dog strapped to the roof.

Anyone want to explain the larger meaning of this trend? Even if it’s a one-organization trend. Is it about turning things viral, or something like that?