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Onus on Romney To Wow in Convention Speech Tonight

It’s “make or break time” for Mitt Romney, as he gears up to accept his party’s nomination at the Republican National Convention. Prime-time opening acts like his wife Ann have tried to push back on Democrats’ charges that the former Massachusetts governor is a robotic candidate and corporate raider.

But the real onus of electrifying Republicans rests on the candidate himself, and his big speech on the last day of the convention is his best chance to do it in front of a mostly friendly crowd.

Romney may get an energy boost from a surprise mystery speaker who is yet to be named. Some are speculating the guest could be actor and director Clint Eastwood, who recently endorsed Romney, surprising those who assumed his “Halftime in America” Super Bowl commercial was proof he was in Obama’s camp.

Mitt Romney has a big test tonight at the Republican National Convention.

Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GettyImages

Fox news even speculated the speaker could be a hologram—not Tupac, but former president Ronald Reagan. That rumor has apparently been debunked; good news for Romney—despite the perfect hairdo synchronicity, a hologram of the party’s biggest hero might steal Romney’s much-needed thunder. 

Video by Jim Festante.