Mitt Romney to Todd Akin: Just Quit Already

As TPM’s Benjy Sarlin says, Mitt Romney’s like the thunder to the rest of the GOP establishment’s lightning. They flash; a few hours later, he rumbles. From his campaign:

As I said yesterday, Todd Akin’s comments were offensive and wrong and he should very seriously consider what course would be in the best interest of our country. Today, his fellow Missourians urged him to step aside, and I think he should accept their counsel and exit the Senate race.

So what happens if Akin – who has exactly two hours left to quit the race of his own accord – stays in? It’s getting hard to find a Republican leader who hasn’t begged him to quit. Can they come back in to aid him in a month, when our attention is focused elsewhere? Their ass-covering is going to take on the aura of weakness.