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Massive Sacrifice of Ancient Warrior Army Discovered at Danish Alken Enge Bog

Who would commit a massive sacrifice of well-armed warriors during the Iron Age?

An archeological dig in the Danish bog Alken Enge has uncovered what appears to be a mysterious sacrifice of hundreds of soldiers dating back nearly 2,000 years. The giant 40-hectacre dig yielded fractured skulls and hacked human bones, along with spears, shields, and axes. The latest finds have fascinated researchers, who believe a dramatic, society-changing event caused the mass sacrifice of a large army at the site.

Alken Enge
An army of warriors who were apparently sacrificed was recently discovered Denmark’s Alken Enge bog.

Krishnan Vasuvedan

Researchers are still trying to determine the soldiers’ identities, places of origin, and the reason they were sacrificed. 

Alken Enge has been a focal point of archeological study since human remains were first discovered there in the 1950s. It’s believed the bog was commonly used for sacrifice during the Iron Age, but the latest discovery suggests a mystery of truly biblical proportions. Whether it will be solved definitively is uncertain … if only the bog men could speak.

Video by Krishnan Vasuvedan.