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Mariah Carey Has a Diva Moment Over Nicki Minaj Judging American Idol

American Idol is experiencing some drama, and it’s not even Hollywood week yet. 

According to TMZ, newly chosen Idol judge Mariah Carey had a diva moment and hung up the phone after being told she might be joined on the panel by the much younger Nicki Minaj. Carey was reportedly upset because she was led to believe she would be the only female judge on the show.

Idol’s head honchos have been struggling with the judges’ panel since J-LO and Stephen Tyler gave their notice. Some reportedly believe having two women on the panel would result in the necessity of a second male. And they’re still unsure if even Randy Jackson will be coming back as a mentor or a judge.

 Sources have indicated that Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Enrique Iglesias are in the running for possibilities.  Even Kanye West, whose passion for off-the-cuff judgment was readily displayed by his infamous VMA outburst, is now rumored to be in contention for the role. Whatever the case, we love the possibility of a contentious Carey-Minaj relationship. It could be just like Paula versus Simon … except with musical collaboration or throw down possibilities!