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Leaked Kinect 2 Image Reportedly Shows High Tracking Ability for Durango Xbox

Raise your hand if you want the new Xbox! Kinect 2 won’t just be able to discern that hand, but its fingers, too.

An alleged first image from Microsoft’s Kinect 2 leaked online, showing improved depth support and the ability to track individual fingers and the shape of clothes. The new Kinect is supposedly bundled into the next Xbox, codenamed Durango—the same account that leaked the Kinect image also posted images of a Durango development kit this past July, and other leaked documents claim the console will feature Blu-ray compatibility, augmented reality glasses, and will be released at some point next year. 

A leaked image supposedly shows increased tracking abilities for the Kinect 2 gaming attachment to the Xbox 360 or perhaps the Xbox Durango.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Microsoft is still denying the console’s development, walking back recent statements by Windows Live general manager Brian Hall suggesting development of new products including a new Xbox. Maybe the future Kinect, if it exists, can even tell if a company executive is crossing his fingers behind his back.

Video by Jim Festante.