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Larry David Encourages Young People To Vote, With Tuba Music

When you want to get out the youth vote, you get a spokesman who can really reach the kids, right? Justin?  No. Taylor? Nah. Leo? Nope. How about Larry David?, a website dedicated to political activism for young Americans, has posted a new video of TV’s favorite chrome-domed curmudgeon extolling the virtues of our democratic voting rights in his own inimitable, irritable way. With Curb Your Enthusiasm-ready lines like, “Not to vote? Then why are you even living here?” and “Here you can vote, so you might as well do it.” David joins other showbiz talking heads that seem to crop up each election cycle in order to reach the unregistered voter, and his tongue-in-cheek pitch is aimed directly at the younger crowd, which Our Time organizers say is a demographic whose voting power on issues like job creation could have a significant impact on the election.

Larry David has been tapped for a new “get out the vote” video aimed at young people.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Whether David’s words and accompanying tuba music will be heeded by the young is uncertain, but one thing’s for sure—Our Time should get working on a Nicki Minaj spot, too.

Video by Paca Thomas.