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Kanye West Song About Kim Kardashian: “Perfect Bitch”

Sentient PR Department Kanye West wants his fiery passion for Kim Kardashian to ring loud from every beer commercial and frat party in America, so he’s finally expressed it in one of his songs!

According to the Daily News, Kanye dropped the Kim-centric new track, titled “Perfect Bitch,” along with several other new songs from his forthcoming album, Cruel Summer, at a party at New York’s PH-D Rooftop Lounge in the Meatpacking District over the weekend, which he apparently attended while hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The song, not yet available online, describes Ye’s Ulysses-like journey through past and present flames, and how he has now found the titular “Perfect Bitch.”  Speaking of titular, it also apparently contains references to Kardashian’s famous curves. Kanye tweeted that he wrote the song about her and then later deleted the tweet. But Kim seems to enjoy the epithet, reportedly saying she knew he meant “bitch” in the best possible way and recently referring to West as her “Prince” on Twitter. When Kim Kardashian is coming off as the more classy person in any news story, you know something’s amiss.