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John Travolta’s Alleged Former Gay Lover Ready To Tell All

Doug Gotterba, a 62-year-old former pilot, has come forward claiming to be actor John Travolta’s gay lover for six years in the early ‘80s, revealing scintillating details to that bastion of journalistic excellence, the National Enquirer.

According to Gotterba, while the actor was interviewing him for a pilot job in 1981, they flew to a resort in Monterey, Calif. and shared “a wonderful dinner with a fantastic bottle of merlot,” after which the Saturday Night Fever star supposedly initiated a sensual message in a hotel room.

Gotterba describes Travolta as “gentle, but very passionate” and says the last time he saw the actor was shortly after he had married Kelly Preston. Sensual massage at resorts and secret gayness? Either Gotterba has been reading up on recent Travolta gossip before making up his story, or we can add it to the pile of evidence that suggests we need a replacement for the actor’s Saturday Night Fever theme music.