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Biden’s “Chains” Remarks, Romney’s “Hate” Accusations Usher in Good Times We All Knew Were Coming

Has a Vice President Joe Biden gaffe finally gotten President Obama in trouble? Mitt Romney’s campaign thinks so and is accusing the president of running on “anger and hate” after Biden made a reference to the language of slavery in remarks to a crowd at a campaign stop in Virginia.

Speaking to an audience that included many African-Americans, Biden said that along with unchaining Wall Street, a Romney administration would “put y’all back in chains.” Conservatives seized on the comments, saying Biden had sunk to using offensive language to scare voters. Responding to the flap, Romney suggested the comments were evidence that Obama was seeking to divide a nation over issues of race and class.

Biden and the Obama administration have stuck by the comments, though on a subsequent campaign stop, the vice president altered the line to clarify the people Republicans planned to put back in chains were the middle class.

Whatever the case—the campaign is officially getting ugly, from Wall Street to mean street.

Video by Paca Thomas.