I Get Letters: Paul Ryan Edition

photo (9) TAMPA – Paul Ryan fact-checking became a fast-growth industry last night. I put up mine right when the speech ended, and it hit some kind of nerve.
From Marie, who wrote in at length:

It makes me sick to see the leader of this great nation going around the world apologizing to the world for who we are. It is also disturbing to see our once unbiased journalists in the pocket of men like George Soros who also despises this country. As I watch the commentators on the national networks and public broadcasting stations not report fairly but insist on cutting down the men and women speaking and elevating their views over poor Obama who you feel isn’t given a fair chance. Poor you, because you didn’t get a seat front and center at a place where it is well known that you aren’t interested in being fair to the candidates but choose to push an agenda that is not good for this country. Everyone is concerned about this candidate they claim they know nothing about. Well where were you guys when you pushed a man that after 4 years we still know nothing about because he has spent billions to keep his past hidden. Shame on you who claim to be journalists and are really now an arm of a liberal government.
From Jeff, who tried to refute every one of my points:
The republicans resist any measure to increase revenue?? Wow are you uneducated. Under George Bush our government generated MORE REVENUE than any other time in the history of our country, period. Even when adjust ed for inflation. The tax cuts work, the revenue generation was there. Bush’s failure and the repubs failure was not revenue generation as you misinfromly report but rather they failed in reigning in expenses. In otherwords they spent like drunken sailors despite the revenue coming in. Under Obama he continues the drunken sailor spending but without foresight of how revenue is actually generated. Had either Presidency just reiged in spending under those tax cuts we wouldn’t be talking about a deficit right now. Again your lack of knowledge considering the pdium from which you preach is astounding.
Charles misunderstands my little bit of color about the impossibility of getting space on the floor from which to view Ryan’s speech.
Aw, poor Dave, he didn’t get to stand on the “Carpet”. Poor Dave had to stay in the “Cheap Seats”.Get a life Dave.
And Bob writes:
Why don’t you take your shit reporting and see if a conservative paper (If you can find one) will print it?
This sort of email doesn’t typically flow in at this high rate. Are people just unfamiliar with a media hack-and-slash of a high-profile convention speech that doesn’t jibe with the facts? I hope that keeps up next week. (Photo by David Weigel)