Huntsman, Romney, Hatfield, McCoy

Some nice advancing of the Romney tax return story by Greg Sargent, who gets Jon Huntsman, Sr. to deny that he’s Harry Reid’s mystery source.

“I feel very badly that Mitt won’t release his taxes and won’t be fair with the American people,” Huntsman told me. In a reference to Romney’s father, who pioneered the release of returns as a presidential candidate, Huntsman said: “I loved George. He always said, pay your taxes for at least 10 or 12 years.”

“Mr. Romney ought to square with the American people and release his taxes like any other candidate,” Huntsman said. “I’ve supported Mitt all along. I wish him well. But I do think he should release his income taxes.”

You have to love the “all along” aside. No, Huntsman Sr. didn’t support Romney “all along.” In 2002, his son bid against against Romney to run the Salt Lake City Olympics. Romney won. In 2006, when Jon Jr was governor of Utah, he endorsed John McCain for president, long, long before he needed to. (It didn’t really matter. Romney crushed McCain in the Mormon-heavy Utah primary.) In 2011, Jon Jr challenged Romney with a doomed-from-the-start presidential bid that got its strongest backing from… Huntsman Sr.’s donation to a Super PAC.