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Top Gun Director Tony Scott, 68, Dead of Apparent Suicide

Director Tony Scott, the veteran Hollywood film director behind blockbusters like Top Gun and cult hits like True Romance, jumped to his death in an apparent suicide in Los Angeles on Sunday.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Scott jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge over Los Angeles Harbor—investigators found a suicide note in his office, though its contents were not disclosed to the public. Scott, born in England, ran a production company with his brother Ridley, and had an extensive film resume, though he received the most critical praise for his television work on shows like The Good Wife.

ABC News is reporting that Scott’s apparent suicide may be related to an inoperable case of brain cancer, according to a source allegedly close to the family.

Friends, filmmakers, and others inspired by the director’s work delivered an outpouring of disbelief and support for his family online. Scott was 68 years old.