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Eastwooding: The GOP Gets To Claim a Meme

President Obama may have gone on Reddit for an AMA,  but Clint Eastwood and the GOP now have their own Internet claim to fame: They’ve created a full-blown meme in the style of planking.

Eastwooding was inspired by a surprise appearance at the Republican National Convention last night by Clint Eastwood, who delivered a speech that was meant to rile up the crowd but at times seemed to some not much more than senile rambling. The 82-year-old award-winning actor’s bit of theater involved him shaking his finger at an empty chair filled by an imaginary Obama and taking the president to task for everything from the nation’s high unemployment rate to the war in Afghanistan.

Actor Clint Eastwood speaks during the final day of the Republican National Convention, beginning the Internet meme of “Eastwooding.”

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Twitter and other online users have responded with—what else?—photos of people pointing their fingers at empty chairs and other furniture. Ahh, America, where in an era of great difficulty, national conventions feature actors who starred in movies with apes, and the Internet’ takeaway is “quick, take a picture of my Barcalounger!”

Video by Dallas Jensen.