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Chrome 21 Update: Beautified for Apple Retina Display, Optimized for Hangout

Do the “has a new Macbook Pro with Retina Display” and “uses Google Chrome to browse the Web” areas of your Venn diagram overlap?

Well, we have good news: Google has released Chrome 21 with a number of improvements—including support for Apple’s fancy new retina displays. Also included in Chrome’s update is official support for a JavaScript API that, as Ars Technica notes, “allows Web applications to access the user’s webcam and microphone.” While that may not seem exciting now, the API is part of an emerging set of standards called WebRTC, which looks to enable rich, high quality, real-time audio and video communications on the Web without the need for plug-ins.

Google has built a browser update, Chrome 21, which is optimized for video chat and use on Apple’s new Retina displays on iPads and Macbook computers.


One day, you and your grandkids can get together in a Google+ Hangout using Chrome with WebRTC standardization and laugh about the time when Facebook went the way of MySpace.

Video by Jim Festante.