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Chick-fil-A Breaks Sales Records After Conservative Support, Braces for Unholy Same-Sex “Kiss-Ins”

If you think your Facebook feed has been clogged with love and hatred for southern fried chicken joint Chik-fil-A, you should have seen the lines at the counters.

The chain has been embroiled in a fierce political debate since company COO and outspoken conservative Baptist Dan Cathy reaffirmed the company’s commitment to “traditional family” values in June, angering LGBT groups.

This week, conservatives put their money where their mouths were—and visa versa—to support what many view as the restaurant’s intolerance, giving the chain a single-day sales record. Meanwhile, mayors of Chicago, Boston and San Francisco have denounced the restaurant’s stance. 

Despite support from the Santorums, Huckabees, and Sarah Palins of the world—and the long lines and traffic jams that came along with it—the Chik-fil-A may be in for a treat it’s COO wouldn’t be into. Gay rights groups are now planning same-sex “kiss-ins” at restaurants around the country on Friday—and one chain in New Hampshire plans to participate in a pride rally. If eating unhealthy food together can’t unite Americans and increase tolerance, we are truly lost.