Anono-Geddon, Week Two

Welcome to week two of this blog’s competition to find the most pointless decisions to grant anonymity to campaign sources. Last week, which was driven in part by an anoymous Romney adviser’s quote to British media, was a perfect way to kick off. This week, a slow one, offered fewer prime examples of source-protection. Still, I offer up these three for your votes.

1.) Politico, “GOP Hopes to Stay Out of Trouble in Tampa,” in which a staffer of some kind gets to stay mysterious as he says that lawmakers shouldn’t embarass themselves.

“There is no doubt you are going to see offices remind people they are representing their office, and so forth,” the staffer said.

2.) The Washington Post, “On Romney’s Taxes, Reid Continues His Tradition of Stinging Remarks,” in which an aide gets to talk about how his boss is completely awesome.

His own political instincts tell him this is a huge vulnerability for Romney, and his boxing instincts tell him to keep hitting his opponent in his weak spot,” said the aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to frankly discuss the senator’s intentions and who was referring to Reid’s former boxing career.

3.) Buzzfeed, “Have a Nice Vacation, Rick Gorka!,” in which a Romney staffer says people don’t understand how it’s hard out there for a Romney media handler.

“It’s one of the toughest jobs on the campaign,” said one Romney aide. “You’re around the same people every hour of every day for months. Obviously that will fray neves.”

Any other nominees? Put ‘em in the comments, after you vote.