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Kindle Fire Is Sold Out, Paving Way for Amazon’s Next Tablet

Amazon’s popular tablet, similar to Google’s Nexus 7 as a smaller but still sleek alternative to the iPad, has apparently done quite well for itself. The multinational electronic commerce site touted the news, calling the device and its content among Amazon’s top-sellers since being introduced 48 weeks ago, and saying that Kindle Fire has been responsible for 22 percent of Amazon sales in the United States.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is reportedly sold out after just 48 weeks on the market, paving way for a possible new tablet from the company.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The announcement could hint at yet another release: that of the next tablet from Amazon, which could be a massive update of the now ancient-looking Kindle DX, a black-and-white e-reader introduced in 2009 that hasn’t been very competitive in the world ruled by Apple. We’ll all find out if the rumors are true at Amazon’s press event Sept. 6. That would give Amazon a one-week head start before Apple’s Sept. 12 keynote—after which the Tablet wars could reach a new fever pitch.

Video by Ron Eyal.