A Boring Official Statement from a GOP-Run State About How the Welfare Waivers Are Probably Fine

I’d mentioned in my piece about the Summer of Substance how conservative-run states weren’t yet telling me what they thought of the HHS welfare waiver announcement. Some ambitious pro-Romney governors – Rick Scott, Bob McDonnell – went along with the “Obama’s gutting welfare” line. But I wanted to hear a spokesperson, not likely to run for anything or serve in a Romney cabinet! Take it away, Valisa Thompson.

The Tennessee Department of Human Services has been involved in national conversations regarding issues with the current rules and regulations related to TANF that might interfere with or prevent successful work outcomes.


TDHS has expressed an interest in learning more about a waiver and its potential to improve employment entry, retention, advancement, or access to jobs that offer opportunities for earnings and advancement that will allow participants to avoid dependence on government. TDHS is in the process of reengineering the TANF Program to be more employment driven. However, TDHS has not submitted a formal waiver request nor has requested the memorandum.

There you have it. They haven’t grokked or decided to oppose the new rule. Anyway, I suppose we’re now all talking about whether Mitt Romney profits from the death of cancer patients.