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Florida Researchers Catch Record-Breaking Burmese Python With 87 Eggs Inside

A Burmese python found in the Everglades is breaking records, inside and out. Measuring a shiver-inducing 17-foot-7-inches and weighing nearly 165 pounds, the monstrous snake was also carrying 87 eggs.

According to the Sun Sentinel, this latest python has been tagged and released back into the wild, to help scientists ferret out the snakes’ breeding grounds. Why? Native to Southeast Asia, pythons are a huge problem in the Everglades National Park, with no natural predator to keep its numbers in check. Scientists are working to learn more and curb python populations. Biologists estimate that thousands of pythons, possibly hundreds of thousands, are loose in the southern part of the state, introduced into the region by pet owners who couldn’t take care of them anymore.

A Burmese Python discovered in Florida has broken the state’s previous record for length and number of eggs.

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Maybe to help control the python populations, we could take a page from Temple of Doom, and start putting these record-breakers on our dinner plates?

Video by Jim Festante.