“Two States, Including a Jewish State”

Back in December, when he spoke at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s conference, we noticed that Mitt Romney never staked out a position on the “two-state solution.” He’s cleaned that up in his interview with Ha’aretz.

I believe in a two-state solution which suggests there will be two states, including a Jewish state. I respect Israel’s right to remain a Jewish state. The question is not whether the people of the region believe that there should be a Palestinian state. The question is if they believe there should be an Israeli state, a Jewish state.

Related: I spent a chunk of the week reading everything Romney had written about foreign policy since the start of 2009. It’s not a huge canon. It’s a bit repetitive, really. The two takeaways: Romney finds a way to occupy whatever space seems to be 180 degrees away from Obama, and predicts disasters (Venezuelan nukes!) that do not come.