The “You Didn’t Build It” Problem, Explained

A friend took his head out of his hands briefly to send over this NPR story from Ohio, where Romney fine-tuned his “Obama hates small businesses.” Ari Schapiro stops by a BBQ spot to talk to real people, including Michelle Maziarz.

“Around here, a lot of people work at the auto plants… both my parents work for Jeep. And I can tell you, like a year ago from today, no one was getting overtime or anything like that, and now you’re starting to see third shift come back.”

Business is picking up at the mall where she works, but she doesn’t give this President credit.

“I give that to our city, that credit goes to our city. That’s our people, in our community.”

Jeep is produced by Chrysler, which was bailed out in a controversial deal approved by Barack Obama, billions of taxpayers dollars shifted over to rescue companies in one sector of the economy. And here you’ve got a registered Democrat who blanches at the idea that the federal government, or Obama, has anything to do with the Jeep jobs. Even if the government helped you out, somewhere down the line, you don’t want to hear how it did.