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Ron Paul’s New Crusade: Internet Freedom

Attention Ron Paul supporters: your leader has signed on to a new freedom manifesto. The libertarian-leaning congressman from Texas, who is winding down his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, is backing a set of principles published by the Campaign for Liberty that call for the government to keep its regulatory nose out of the Internet.

Paul’s support should come as no surprise given that he was a vocal opponent of the Stop Online Piracy Act, on the grounds that it would impede innovation and encourage censorship on the Web. Buzzfeed reports that aides to Paul say Internet freedom will become a major new policy push, alongside his longstanding crusade to abolish the Federal Reserve.

Whether or not this latest cause generates traction, it’s certainly a bit of catnip for hardcore Paul backers who are gearing up for a last stand at the Republican National Convention in Tampa later this summer.