Revenge of the Angry Mom, Super PAC Edition

The last-minute “angry sufferer” negative ad is a desparate-campaign classic – a Waldorf salad, an Old Fashioned cocktail. In 2005, as he was losing to Tim Kaine, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore deployed the tactic.

In the pre-Super PAC era, though, an ad like that usually came from a rival campaign. In 2012, the Texas Conservatives Fund – a Super PAC created to aid Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in his Senate bid – has taken on the role of attacking Ted Cruz for taking on a client (in the commercial-coverage phase of the trials) who paid bribes to get children into his mental hospitals.

My question: Why did this take so long? Sandy Fonzo’s anger at this decision was a national story, played on Good Morning America and CNN.

That’s rich material, but voters are only getting it spoon-fed one week before polls close, after days of early voting, after countless hours of Cruz writing a public autobiography as the Last True Defender of the Constitution.