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Reported Minka Kelly Sex Tape May Feature the Friday Night Lights Actress Underage

Another day, another Hollywood sex tape. TMZ is reporting that actress Minka Kelly is the subject this time, but the complication is the Friday Night Lights actress may have been a minor when it was filmed.

Shot in a “semi-professional manner,” with an ex boyfriend, TMZ says the sex tape reportedly shows Kelly as “very aware of the camera.” In trying to determine her age at the time, they note two songs from Bandy’s second album, Never Say Never, were playing in the background.

The album was released 16 days before Kelly’s 18th birthday, so whoever is peddling the tape may be in the clear—aside from angering Kelly and her lawyers, of course. In the meantime, we can all mourn the possible disappearance of Lyla Garrity’s good-girl persona.