Quote of the Day, Border Edition

“Once I identified myself, who I was, and that I had been to the doctor, I was under medical care, I have a pacemaker on my heart, (I would have thought) that they would have been more considerate and said, ‘Keep on going.’ But that didn’t happen.”

That’s former Arizona Gov. Raul Castro, who may have finally passed that other “Raul Castro” in Google searchability after being detained for an hour by border agents. Do read the quotes, and then between the lines. Castro works quite hard to ensure Arizona Republic readers that he was not offended by some people just doing their jobs. He says he was out there for “40 to 45 minutes,” and they say he was out there for 10 minutes. This was not an SB1070 incident – border guards grabbed him because of radiation traces that were, apparently, the result of his last check-up.