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Police Officer Allegedly Threatens Michelle Obama, Shows Co-Workers the Gun He Might Use

Threatening the first lady is a serious offense, but when you’re a cop, it’s grounds for a job change.

A Washington D.C. police officer who has worked as a motorcade escort for members of the White House has been taken off his beat this week, after he allegedly suggested to other members of law enforcement that he might shoot Michelle Obama. The officer reportedly even pulled up a photo on his cellphone of the gun he planned to use.

A washington D.C. police officer has reportedly leveled threats at US First Lady Michelle Obama.

Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/GettyImages

The story gets weirder. The officer in question, who has not been identified but put on administrative duty, was taking part in a larger discussion among police officers when he supposedly made the threats. He was reported by another member of law enforcement. An investigation by D.C. police is under way—and the Secret Service is conducting “an appropriate follow up.”

Whatever the circumstances of the incident, we suspect officer John Doe won’t be riding shotgun in a motorcade any time soon. 

Video by Dallas Jensen.