Opening Act: Keep That Down

Daniel Denvir keeps the Pennsylvania voter ID stories a’comin’ with a video of Gov. Tom Corbett in 2010.

Polling shows that the law, as voters understand it, is widely popular. It’s true every time a voter ID law is proposed.

Real talk from Tim Noah on Romney and Olympics:

I asked Lisa Delpy Neirotti, who teaches sport management at George Washington University, whether she could name a single U.S.-based Winter or Summer Olympics – going back three decades – that wasn’t managed well. She could not. But Romney is deeply invested in the idea that it takes superhuman skills to save an Olympic Games from the disaster and international humiliation to which it naturally inclines. The idea that it can be done reasonably well even by a past-its-prime power like Britain is too much for Romney to bear.

And more Batman analysis than you can handle.