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Nerdcore Rapper MC Chris Incurs Internet Wrath After Kicking Twitter-Heckler Out Of Show.

Nerdcore hip-hop luminary and occasional Adult Swim voice actor MC Chris found himself in Dutch with the same internet communities that form his most fervent fan base after kicking a fan out of a Philadelphia concert for insulting the rapper’s opening act over twitter.

Chris has built a small but devoted following over years of self-producing and releasing hip-hop meditations on geek-chic subjects like Star Wars, Comic Books and Video Games. He ejected fan Mike Taylor, a.k.a. @AdmiralMikey, who had tweeted that opening act Richie Branson was “not good enough to pander to me.” Taylor soon described the experience in a post on Reddit, sparking an enormous Internet backlash against usual web-darling MC Chris.

Initially defending his actions on Facebook, Chris soon issued a tearful video apology on YouTube, and personally tweeted his remorse to Taylor.   Without a label or management, MC Chris is fully supported by his usually robust online fan base, proving that those who live in Twitter houses shouldn’t throw Twitterers out…of their…concerts. Or something.