Mitt Romney Talks About Booze

In which Mitt Romney discusses his teenage relationship with the city of Toledo with Toledo Blade reporter Tom Troy.

TT: Did you ever come to Toledo when you were living in the area?

MR: Oh yeah, oh yeah. And I actually had a girl who was a friend, not my girlfriend but a girl who was a really good friend, that lived in Elyria which of course is over by Cleveland, so I came down there a good deal. We spent time in Ohio. I did not take advantage of your more relaxed alcohol laws, however, although a number of my classmates at school did.

TT: I didn’t grow up in this area, so I wasn’t aware of what the laws were at that time.

MR: They had something in Ohio, I forget what they called it, four-fifths? There was some kind of a lower level alcohol …

TT: Three-two?

MR: Yeah, three-two, whatever it was, that was allowed to be purchased by younger people, so kids from my school made frequent pilgrimages to Toledo.

TT: Right, that was Cranbrook, of course.

MR: Yeah, yeah, that’s my memory. I had other weaknesses. That wasn’t one of them.

It’s got to kill Romney die-hards that the president’s youthful drug use is a non-issue, while Romney’s teetotaling comes off as goofball and Mayberry-esque. (Not counting Otis in the Mayberry reference.)