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Mini iPad Coming This Year, According to Report

Could Apple be preparing a smaller iPad?

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

All of you rational consumers who want a new iPad but don’t want to spend a laptop price for it, 2012 may be your year after all.

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple plans to release a smaller, cheaper version of their coveted tablet to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s new Nexus 7. The specs? A 7 to 8-inch screen measured diagonally, and a lower pixel density than the vivid Retina display. Nothing’s being leaked yet regarding the actual hardware guts of the supposed mini-iPad, but the price will likely be lower. And it will have to be—the smaller options already on the market cost about $200, which is what, the cost of an old used iPhone on Craigslist? 

Sources suggest an announcement could come at the annual October iPhone event. But with the next iPhone already reportedly getting bigger, is there really space on the Apple gadget spectrum for a smaller iPad? In Apple’s field of consumer dollar dreams, if they build it, we will probably buy it.

Video by Dallas Jensen.