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Linsanity Subsides in New York as Jeremy Lin Heads to the Houston Rockets.

After enduring the throes of Linsanity earlier this year, it appears the Knicks Linfatuation has cooled, and 23-year-old point guard Jeremy Lin will leave the team to play for the Houston Rockets next season.

His Lindescribably meteoric rise to fame last season—averaging 18.5 points and 7.6 assists at the height of his run—garnered Lin a whopping $25.1 million, three year contract offer from Houston. Letting the clock run down to the final minutes, the Knicks conveyed their decision not to match the offer to Lin after 10 p.m. Monday night, just two hours before their deadline to decide.

Lin, a Harvard graduate who’s outspoken fans include President Obama, captured the hearts of New Yorkers in February, was called “the most surprising story in the NBA” by the Associated Press. Acknowledging the hefty contract, Rockets’ manager Daryl Morey has stated, “Jeremy is an extremely, extremely good risk.”  Lin … credible.