La Nuit Américaine, Starring Karl Rove

Before I read Joel Mathis, this tweet made no sense. Screen shot 2012-07-03 at 6.46.15 PM Mathis explains: Rove had discovered a blog post by NRO blogger/occasional “Ayers wrote Obama’s book” theory promoter Andrew McCarthy. McCarthy had misread a story by Breitbart.com’s Ben Shapiro, which merely pointed out – snark rays on “stun” – that the Obama campaign was having George Clooney lead a fundraiser/party in Paris on July 4. As a former ex-pat who lived in the U.K. from 1998 through most of 2000, I can report that Americans 1) often celebrate our holidays while abroad, 2) retain voting rights, and 3) retain the right to donate to campaigns. Rove knows this, because Mitt Romney was planning to hold a London fundraiser this summer – probably around the time of his campaign trip to Israel – hosted by American citizen/disgraced banker Robert Diamond. By hyping the Obama “foreign fundraiser!” story, a conservative can introduce some FUD about Romney’s own event. Simple.