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Kiss Cam, the Great Equalizer, Convinces The Obamas Into a Public Kiss

There is a great equalizer in the world, and its name is the Kiss Cam.

Even presidents and first ladies are powerless in its unblinking glare—as evidenced by President Obama and Michelle’s JumboTron smooch at the USA Olympic basketball team’s game against Brazil.

While watching the game with the Bidens and daughter Malia, the camera encouraging couples to kiss landed on the Obamas, but the first lady declined—eliciting boos from the crowd. The next time, Obama went for it—and got to place two smakaroos, one on his wife’s lips, the other on her forehead.

It’s hard to deny the populism of the Kiss Cam—but it’s surprising that Obama didn’t receive more boos at the game. While he said the current team would probably bring home the Gold, the president told ESPN he preferred the Olympic Dream Team of 1992. “It’s a generational thing,” said the former Bulls fan.

Maybe it’s understandable. Obama’s probably nostalgic for 1992’s national unemployment rate, too.

Video by Paca Thomas.