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Jonathan Krohn Responds to Attacks From Conservative Former Fans

Jonathan Krohn, who became a poster boy for CPAC four years ago for his youthful defense of conservative values, is now defending his political changes of heart from former fans.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

As some conservative pundits were shocked to learn earlier this week, kids go through significant changes in their political beliefs during their teenage years, too.

Jonathan Krohn, who at 13 fired up conservatives attending CPAC, has shifted away from social conservatism four years later, and following an article in Politico about the shift this week has had to defend his change of heart. Now 17, Krohn—who currently supports gay marriage, Obamacare, and pro-choice efforts—has been criticized everywhere from site the Daily Caller to Fox News for changing his mind. One commentator even suggested he would have left the boy in the woods to die as a baby.


The wrath of former fans may not be a huge surprise, considering the self-described independent, who can’t vote yet, says he would probably cast a ballot for the re-election for President Obama in November. “There have been a lot of people on the right,” says Krohn, “who have attacked me viciously.” National politics: not so different from the gossip and popularity games of high school, after all.