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Iron Chef Cat Cora’s Drunk Driving Accident Insults Caught on Tape

Drunk cooking can be fun, but drunk driving can be dangerous—even for an Iron Chef.

Cat Cora, who stars on the American cooking competition show, was arrested in Santa Barbara, Calif. last month after crashing her car into another vehicle and blowing twice the legal limit on a breathalyzer test. And now there’s a video to prove just how fiery the celebrity cook’s attitude can be, even far away from the pressure of the kitchen.

“I’m being video taped by two nerds who don’t wanna have … go have dinner together or do something exciting with their lives,” says Cora to the camera another driver turned on her soon after the accident. Drunken insults from a celebrity that involve the suggestion of going out to dinner—pitch perfect for an Iron Chef, right?

Luckily there were apparently no serious injuries in the accident. “I deeply regret my decision to drive that evening,” said Cora in a statement. Let’s hope like any great chef, she knows how to learn from her mistakes.