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iPhone 5 Rumored to Have Extra Slim Screen That Uses New Technology

Will the new iPhone 5 have a slimmer touchscreen featuring new tech?

Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

The skinny on the new iPhone? It’s getting a facelift … or perhaps a face slim. 

A story in the Wall Street Journal is suggesting a slimmer glass face for the iPhone 5, which uses in-cell technology that integrates touch panels into the phone’s LCD screen. 

The new tech could allow Apple to use the free space for batteries, and may mean it can go to just one place for both its touch panels and LCD panels. That’s bad news for its old manufacturing partners, but good news for the company’s production line.

Will trimming the screen fat make for a noticeable difference? As with many gadget changes these days, it’s all about the competition. Samsung’s Galaxy S III is thinner than the current 9.3 mm iPhone 4S. Whether the facelift will help Apple stuff in some more goodies, we won’t know until the assumed release of the next iPhone this fall.