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Insane Flying Mako Footage Is the Double Rainbow Video of the Summer

If you name your fishing tournament the Flying Mako, don’t be surprised when a 10-foot-long Mako shark does just that—nine times in a row.

Fishermen in the recent catch-and-release tournament spied the shark circling them from a distance before it began to leap out of the water around them in Mission Bay, San Diego, Calif. The video—and the amazed fishermen’s profanity-laced reactions—is about as close to a double rainbow all the way video as you can get on the water.

One of the fisherman said, “The San Diego coastline is a nursery for them … to see something this big, on this occasion, was just really special. They’re incredible fish that we have a passion for protecting—that’s why all we do is catch and release.”

While they may not have nabbed the top contest prize, these anglers got an amazing video that—at least on the Internet—is quite the catch.