How Not to Fund-Raise Off of the Aurora Shootings

The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama is a sort of podunk PAC. It splintered (amicably) from the Tea Party Express last year, and used its robust e-mail list to beg money for various campaigns. This is why I say “podunk” – it doesn’t actually raise that much. On July 4, it held a telethon (televised in Las Vegas AND Pahrump) to raise $250,000, which is why falls out of Sheldon Adelson’s pockets when he bends to pick up a magazine.

I bring this up because the CDBO (they alternately call themselves the campaign to defeat “Obama” and to defeat “Barack Obama”) was the first PAC to actually try and raise money off the shootings in Aurora. From the inbox, a short recap of ABC News’s bogus (and retracted) suggestion that the “James Holmes” who’s part of the Colorado Tea Party was the James Holmes taken in by police, followed by this appeal.

We can’t let the media get away with their attempts to smear the tea party. They are trying to silence us and brand us as extremists whose ideals are too radical and dangerous for America. But since they cannot refute our ideas of limited government and liberty, they have to resort to smears, lies and fabrications.

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As a member of The Media, can I just point out that ABC News was out on a limb that broke off? Nobody joined them on that story.