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Google Fiber Revs Up in Kansas City, But Will Customers Bite?

Today many of us wish we lived in Kansas City, Kan.

Google has issued specifics for houses hoping to get hooked up with its super-fast Internet and TV service Google Fiber. If potential customers get at least 10 percent of the homes in their area to put down a $10 deposit by Sept. 9, Google will provide them with super-fast Internet and TV.

The bundle will cost $120 a month and includes a Nexus 7 tablet to act as a TV remote. Households will be able to store 500 hours of HD programming, and Internet-only service will cost $70, boasting three times the speed of Verizon’s Fios at a fraction of the cost. Some customers may qualify for free Internet service after paying an installation price of $300.

Google has launched its internet and cable service Google Fiber in Kansas City–but will customers buy in?

Photo by KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/Getty Images

Google Fiber’s challenge is content—the company doesn’t yet have the offerings of competitors like Time Warner, and hasn’t worked out deals with networks like HBO, CNN, and ESPN. But for some of us, the promise of warp speed would be more than enough.

Video by Jim Festante.