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Dennis Rodman’s Children’s Book, Dennis The Wild Bull

Dennis Rodman: NBA hall of famer, hair-dyed hard partier… children’s book author?

Yep, the former rebound monster is reportedly writing a book for kids called Dennis the Wild Bull, featuring a tattooed, red-maned beast. According to the book’s website, Rodman’s submission for story time will feature “good lessons to children based on Dennis’ own experiences as a world-class athlete.”

The book, which you can pre-order for $30 on the Wild Bull website, will also apparently touch on overcoming obstacles—a parallel with the baller’s own tale of growing up. With the help of co-author Dustin Warburton, Rodman will likely enter the celebrity children’s book author club populated by the likes of Tiki Barber, Katie Couric, and Jenna Bush later this year.

While Rodman’s colorful character might fit well with kid lit, let’s just hope that this bedtime story doesn’t include an afterward on missing your child support payments.