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Cannibal Cult Members Arrested in Papua, New Guinea

New Guinea is not a great place to be a witch doctor this week. 29 people have been arrested for allegedly eating the brains and stewing the penises of a group of witch doctors the killers said practiced a form of sorcery.

Cannibalism has been practiced in New Guinea for generations, where human meat is referred to as “long pig,” according to the Associated Press. But it is illegal in the South Pacific island nation and has become far less common in recent years. Authorities said the people arrested for killing the seven suspected witch doctors did not believe they were committing a crime, and thought eating the organs of the witch doctors would give them special powers, including becoming bulletproof. The witch doctors had reportedly been extorting money and sexual favors from the villagers—which may be a reason they became dinner.

The 29 people arrested will reportedly be charged with willful murder, though the local police have little remaining evidence.