“Bullets Came Through the Walls”

I bow my head to the reporters in Aurora, working on one of the toughest and most heartbreaking stories they’ll have to cover. There’s fantastic coverage coming out of the city. And there’s compelling chatter on social media, two, written by people who were close to the massacre. For a few hours, the Twitter account of Rachel Fedeli became an automatic-writing diary of the aftermath.
Before the midnight showing, she tweeted this. Her next tweet came shortly after 2 a.m. – a retweet of another moviegoer, Marcus Holt.
Next, a sleepless 9Rachel started venting about what she’d experienced. She keeps it up, until a friend warns her that the “media will eat you alive” if she keeps oversharing. Sure enough, after this, media started reaching out to her. She responded to flurries of new questions. Finally, after the BBC asked her to talk, Rachel listened to Stephanie. But I hope she reconsiders and talks to more people.