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AT&T Jumps on the Data Sharing Bandwagon With Mobile Share

AT&T is again living up to the old “reach out and touch someone” slogan … at least when it comes to sharing data among multiple devices.

A little over a month since Verizon announced its Share Everything plan, which allows users to have unlimited talk, text and data among up to 10 devices, AT&T has announced its own version, Mobile Share. The service let’s you tether your phone, hotspot, or tablets to a data bucket for a base price of about $85 with additional charges for each device you add to the plan.

AT&T has released a data sharing plan called Mobile Share, which is very similar to a new plan from its competitor, Verizon.

Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

The announcement is good news for AT&T users who want to watch movies and play music on multiple devices. Mobile Share will reportedly launch in august, giving you enough time to make a giant holder so that you can listen to music, watch movies and text people all at once from different gadgets. Now … if only we could add extra arms to our bodies.

Video by Jim Festante.