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Actor Fred Willard Caught Pulling a Pee-Wee (In the Parlance of Our Times)

Saying Fred Willard got caught pulling a Pee-wee might suggest an insult to his manhood, but it wouldn’t necessarily be wrong either: The actor has been arrested for lewd conduct that occurred in a porn theater.

The 78-year-old thespian—perhaps most famous for excellent performances in movies like Best In Show and For Your Consideration,—was reportedly caught holding his penis in his hand at Hollywood’s XXX Tiki Theater by LAPD, who were conducting a random walk through.

Willard was booked and released soon afterward. TMZ’s law enforcement sources didn’t say what adult feature he was watching—Step Dad No. 2, Follow Me 2, or a parody of The Client List. But the gossip site does note that the actor is rumored to be involved with an upcoming movie called … wait for it … The Yank. If he’d just waited a little longer, this could have been a great publicity stunt. We sincerely hope Paul Rubens tells Willard about Internet porn.