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A Technology That May Change the Face of Smartphones and Frying Pans Forever

Ahh, the beauty of science—that area of study that solves big problems like tiny scratches on your smartphone screen!

An innovative technology created by Dutch researchers may have changed the face of everything from your tablet to the paintjob on your car—by making a self-healing plastic coating. The coating uses three layers of material—a water resistant layer on top, a middle layer of polymer stalks, and a lower layer reservoir of the coating’s active ingredient. When a scratch appears on the top layer, the ingredient on the bottom layer moves up the stalks to self-heal the surface.

The technology could change the way we coat a bunch of different daily devices, from cooking pans and vehicles to clothing and even computing components. Most importantly—it won’t make you pony up at the iPhone store every time you drop it on the pavement!

Video by Jim Festante.